cold sandwich platters

(small 6 qty, large 12 qty - sandwiches cut in half)

Small Platter (6 qty - 12 halves)  $65.95
Large Platter (12 qty - 24 halves)  $119.95

Choose 1 Option for Small and up to 2 for Large

rosemary chicken  
grilled rosemary & lemon chicken w/pesto, lemon garlic mayo, feta cheese, greens, artichokes & roasted red bell peppers on ciabatta 

casablanca chicken
grilled chicken breasts, pomegranate vinaigrette, goat cheese, sliced pears, dried cherries & field greens

spice road chicken
grilled herb chicken, field greens, cucumber, carrot, radish, green onion, cilantro, sweet & spicy mustard sauce, tangy asian sesame dressing 

veggie sandwich
fresh select veggies with pesto & aioli

tangier chicken
grilled chicken w/hummus spread, herb pesto, oven dried tomatoes, red onions & manchego cheese

balsamic beu chicken
grilled chicken w/balsamic glaze, danish bleu cheese, spinach, red onion & aioli

tan tan chicken
crispy panko chicken breast w/eggplant spread, green olives, oven-roasted tomatoes, spinach & bell pepper aioli

gyro pita
grilled seasoned gyro strips, fresh spinach, tomato, cucumber, red onion, mint-yogurt sauce & feta wrapped in a soft pita

grilled chicken pita
grilled chicken, green apple, red onion, dried pear, dates, dried cherries, goat cheese & pomegranate vinaigrette 

hot entrees & sides

(served in half hotel pan - approx 4 lbs)

honey cashew chicken  $59.95
sauteed ginger & cumin-dusted chicken in a honey dijon sauce w/mushrooms & spring vegetables

salmon florentine (14 filets)  $95.95
atlantic salmon filet pan sauteed and panko crusted in summer lemon sauce of capers, artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes, spinach and herbs

sliced prime steak  $95.95
char-grilled coffee & berebere crusted 16 oz USDA prime center cut ribeye finished with demi glace

arroz con pollo  $59.95
sauteed chicken, peppers & onions in a savory & spicy latin tomato sauce

arroz con shrimp  $79.95
sauteed shrimp, peppers & onions in a savory & spicy latin tomato sauce

roasted veggies  $29.95

roasted asparagus  $39.95

mashed potatoes  $39.95

roasted rosemary potatoes  $39.95

golden saffron rice  $29.95

herb basmati rice  $29.95

vegan curry veggie rice  $49.95

mushroom gravy (1 pint)   $9.95


(select any style)  $14.95/ea or five for $59.95 or ten for $109.95

choose crust
regular or gluten-free   

choose style
gyro kisra
spiced beef gyro, diced tomatoes, spinach, feta cheese & lemon basil sauce

FEZ kisra
grilled chicken, spicy honey molasses bbq, red onion, spiced pears, cilantro & manchego cheese

oven dried tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese, basil pesto & served w/lemon basil vinaigrette field greens

caprese w/shrimp (add $3/ea)

caprese w/chicken (add $3/ea)

salad platters

(serves 10-12 as entree or 15-24 as side)

FEZ salad mixed field greens w/almonds, goat cheese, cinnamon marinated pears, dried cherries & pomegranate vinaigrette  $45.95 

classic caesar
romaine, croutons, parmesan cheese  $34.95

pesto caesar 
romaine caesar salad with pesto caesar dressing, toasted pistachio, parmesan cheese & spiky croutons  $39.95

strawberry blueberry field greens with champagne honey vinaigrette, minced red onion, walnuts, strawberries, dried blueberries, & manchego cheese  $45.95

balsamic apple field greens & spinach w/balsamic honey vinaigrette, green apples, red bell pepper, red onion & carrot  $45.95

tomato taza 
field greens with sliced tomatoes, cucumber, olives, red onion, house-made mozzarella w/lemon basil vinaigrette & pesto  $45.95

bleu cobb
chopped butter leaf w/bleu cheese crumbles, diced tomato, bacon, crispy onions, avocado, balsamic glaze & creamy bleu cheese dressing  $45.95

sesame orange
field greens w/red bell pepper, carrots, cucumber, red onion, oranges, cashews, crispy onion in a tangy ginger citrus dressing  $45.95

field greens
fresh crisp mix of field greens accompanied with our house lemon basil vinaigrette  $34.95


(suggested to add to hot entrees or as salad add-ons)

chicken (24 filets)  $44.95 
Choose Style: grilled, crispy, or blackened

salmon (14 four oz filets)  $69.95
Choose Style: grilled, crispy, or blackened

shrimp (48 qty)  $59.95
Choose Style: grilled, crispy, or blackened

gyro strips (24 strips)  $44.95

chicken strips a la FEZ (1/2 pan)  $54.95

lamb (24 patties)  $69.95

bangers (24 links)  $49.95

cold sides

(served in half hotel pan - approx 4 lbs)

cold greek rice salad  $24.95

american potato salad  $24.95

seasoned corn chips  $12.95


(served in half hotel pan - approx 4 lbs - choose any style)   $49.95

go green
fresh, lemony pesto sauce, spinach, spring vegetables, & penne pasta topped with tangy feta cheese and served w/garlic baguette

classic creamy parmesan & garlic sauce with penne pasta served /garlic baguette

romana fresco
classic creamy parmesan & garlic sauce w/sweet peas, artichoke & spinach with penne pasta served w/garlic baguette

romana adobo
classic creamy parmesan & garlic sauce w/smoky chipotle & roasted pepper with penne pasta served w/garlic baguette

add any protein to any pasta - select from proteins list

appetizer platters

(serves 15-24)

hummus platter
hummus (super-garlicky & spicy harrisa) w/ fresh veggies & kisra bread  $29.95

assorted cheese & fruit platter
selection of fresh cut fruits & cheeses  $59.95

lettuce wraps platter
minced grilled chicken with dried pears, dates, dried cherries, almonds, pomegranate vinaigrette & romaine cups  $59.95

veggie platter
w/veggie dips & fresh, crisp cut veggies  $29.95

chicken strips a la FEZ
chicken breast marinated & sliced thin, coated in crispy panko bread crumbs & lightly fried, served w/spicy bbq aioli  $54.95

chicken phyllo packets
crisp baked phyllo filled with spinach, marinated chicken, roasted red bell peppers & feta cheese with roasted red pepper aioli  $59.95

nazare crispy calamari
crispy, crusted calamari with smoky & spicy paprika aioli  $59.95

variety platters

(serves 10-12 as entree or 15-24 as side/appetizer)

chips, salsa, guacamole  $29.95
Add Cheese Sauce (1qt)  $9.95
Add Diced Chicken (1qt)  $14.95
Add Spiced Ground Beef (1qt) $14.95

taco kit  $69.95
includes protein, 60 mini tortillas; 1 pint each of salsa, guacamole, sour cream, cheese, onion/cilantro mix
Choose 1 or 2 Protein Options:
grilled chicken
ground beef 
grilled shrimp (+$19.95)
grilled salmon (+$19.95)

gyro party pack  $89.95
includes protein, 24 pitas; 1 pint each of yogurt sauce, lettuce, tomato, olives, red onion, feta, cucumber
Choose 1 Protein Option:    
gyro strips
grilled chicken
gyro & chicken combo

FEZ fit box  $109.95
includes protein, 1/2 pan of golden rice, 1/2 pan of roasted veggies, 24 pitas; 1 pint each yogurt sauce, tomatoes
Choose 1 or 2 Protein Options:
grilled chicken
gyro strips
angus burger patties
veggie black bean patties
grilled shrimp (+$19.95)
grilled salmon (+$19.95)

assorted sweets platter  $49.95
Choose One or Two Options (6 lbs or 24 qty total):
cut fresh fruit w/honey yogurt
brownie bites
assorted fruit bars
chocolate chip cookie

other add-ons

16 oz fountain drink  $1.50/ea

plate & utensil set  $5.95/dz

disposable chafer set  $24.95
w/ sterno, pan holder, serving utensils


48 hour minimum notice required. Direct any questions or special requests to Download menu and use as an order form. Then scan and email to or call-in your order to 602-287-8700. *10% set-up fee added to all onsite events

* Maricopa County Health Department requires that we inform you that eating raw or undercooked meats or seafood increases your risk of food borne illness.